Application for Filming

Looking to film in or around Ararat. Please fill in the Application for Filming form and submit this to Coucil for approval before you start shooting.


Filming Details

Please refer to the Event Application Guide for further information, templates or contact details as required.

Site Plan 

Please attach a site plan of the event including the following details:

Required Files

Please upload a zip or single file the the following information where you selected yes above:

  • Insurance certificate of currency
  • Letter of permission from the venue/land manager
  • Unit base to your site plan
  • Traffic management plan, details of your traffic management company and VicRoads permits
  • Emergency Management Plan or Risk Management Plan
  • Details of large equipment requirements
  • Victoria Police approvals and permits
  • Letter/advice informing emergency authorities
  • Running sheet of activities to take place in the municipality including times and details
  • Notification letter sent to businesses and residents effected by filming
  • Details on toilets, temopraray structures, parking spaces, water, electricity, barricades/fencing.


I declare that all information supplied in this application is true and correct and I am authorised to sign on behalf of the organisation. I understand that this application can only be approved once all the attachments outlined above and any additional information requested as a result of this application have been provided to Council. All details provided are accurate and the filming will be organised and managed as described unless otherwise authorised by Ararat Rural City Council.