Rating Strategy

Rating Strategy Advisory Group

The Ararat Rural City Council Rating Strategy Advisory Group is being established to undertake a review of Council’s Rating Strategy.

The team will meet regularly over a six month period commencing in November and will be supported by a rates expert, an independent chair, the Chief Executive Officer and Municipal Monitor.

Members will learn all about rating strategies, why they exist, how they are developed and the impacts they have on the community.

A Citizens Jury type activity will be provided to support the group by testing the ideas generated.

The work of the group will assist Ararat Rural City Council to make decisions about the 2018 rating strategy.

Applications have now closed and are currently being assessed.

Link to LGV document on rating strategy: https://www.localgovernment.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/48260/LG-Revenue-and-Rating-Strategy.pdf


Current Rating Strategy

We have developed a rating strategy that determines how rates income will be generated to help fund Council’s community infrastructure and service obligations.

We are committed to having a rating strategy that meets the tests of equity, efficiency and simplicity.

The Rating Strategy outlines the differential rates Council uses to ensure the equitable imposition of rates and charges.

Rates are calculated based on property valuations in accordance with our Rating Strategy 2017 and the Local Government Act 1989.


Differential Rates

We use the capital improved value of your property to calculate rates.

Differential rates allow us to make choices about the tax treatment of different property groups.

We have set the following differential rates for 2017/18.


Cents in $CIV




Base rate



1.6 times base rate in dollar



1.3 times base rate in  dollar



0.55 times base rate in dollar

If you have a residential house that has a Capital Improved Valued of $200,000 you will pay $1,465.60 general rates - $200,000 x 0.007328 = $1,465.60.

If you have a commercial property that has a Capital Improved Valued of $200,000 you will pay $2,345.00 commercial rates - $200,000 x 0.011725 = $2,345.00 (1.6 times the residential rates)

If you have an industrial property that has a Capital Improved Valued of $200,000 you will pay $1,905.20 industrial  rates - $200,000 x 0.009526 = $1,905.20 (1.3 times the residential rates)

If you have a farm property that has a Capital Improved Valued of $200,000 you will pay $806.00 farm rates - $200,000 x 0.00403 = $806.00 (0.55 times the general rates)

Other charges like municipal charges, waste & recycle collection charges and the fire services levy may also apply.

You can also use our rates calculator to calculate your rates, based on your property's capital improved value.