Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Landcare group consists of volunteer members who meet quarterly to plan working bees, projects, write grant applications, listen to guest speakers to conserve, sustain and improve our local environment.

Special Interest Group
Working Bees, noxious weed removal from banks and lake, tree planting at salt lakes, gorse spraying program, fox off, management plan development for salt lake and Lake Bolac. Addressing Salinity threat to infrastructure of the town Rabbit Control.

Beyond Bolac is a community group which was established in 2007 to undertake restoration of the Lake Bolac Catchment, including the Fiery Creek which flows into Lake Bolac and Salt Creek which flows from Lake Bolac to Hexham. Beyond Bolac aims to work with community groups, farmers, industry and government agencies to undertake restoration activities, which include fencing, revegetation, and pest plant and animal control.

It began in 2004, when concerned residents called a meeting with government department representatives and Glenelg Hopkins CMA officers to discuss the drying and future management of Lake Bolac. After and inspection of the Lake Bolac and its catchment were undertaken by CMA offices, the GHCMA released the ‘H11 & H12 Catchment Health Report, Lake Bolac, Fiery Creek and Salt Creeks’. The aim of the report was to review existing information on assets, current condition, threats, management options and information gaps.

A Standing Committee of local residents and government representatives was appointed by the GHCMA to work towards implementing the recommendations outlined in the H11 H12 Catchment Health Report. This grassroots community group was known then as the H11-H12 Catchment Action Group. In 2010 the group decided to change their name to the ‘Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group’.

The Norman Wettenhall Foundation has been instrumental in Beyond Bolac CAG’s ongoing success. Beyond Bolac is one of seven large scale landscape restoration projects The Norman Wettenhall Foundation has invested in. The NWF will provide support and funding to increase the capacity of Beyond Bolac CAG to operate in a strategic way for the long term, enabling the group to successfully communicate and coordinate activities with its stakeholders and gain access to on-ground works funding.