Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group

Meeting are generally held bi-monthly. We also host excursions and information events.
PO Box 80 Lake Bolac

Beyond Bolac CAG is a community group which was established in 2007 to undertake restoration of the Lake Bolac Catchment, including the Fiery Creek which flows into Lake Bolac and Salt Creek which flows from Lake Bolac to Hexham.
Beyond Bolac aims to work with community groups, farmers, industry and government agencies to undertake restoration activities, which include fencing, revegetation, and pest plant and animal control.
Our vision is for a biodiverse, productive, resilient and safe catchment supporting vibrant communities and land managers.
The aim of the group is to engage, enable and assist land managers to implement projects to improve biodiversity in a productive and healthy landscape. We are supported by Landcare Victoria Inc, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA, and the Wettenhall Environment Trust.

Contact Us
Anthony Casanova, Facilitator