Focus on Business

Focussing on Your Businesses

Our Economic Development Unit (EDU) is committed to focussing on your business through many avenues, both in front of and behind the scenes. 

Through Economic Modelling, Gap Analysis, and State & Federal Government liaison and lobbying, facilitation, and social media, the EDU works to maintain and attract a vibrant population, support business resilience and foster growth, development and innovation.

Below are a number of Videos plus some from our Talk it Up series, that showcase many of the asssets within this municipality. 




One of the many wayswe focus on your business is through keeping you informed of changes, news, updates, upcoming promotions, events, and law changes as well as the myriad of peak bodies, government departments and industry news. Our primary source of contact is through our email system, and to be part of this crucial information stream, please click the MailChimp logo below and enter/update your contact details so that you don't miss out.

Importantly, this isn't a newsletter. Not many have time to read a whole neswletter, rather, things will come through on a specific item/subject that you can scan quickly and engage with immediately, or discard as not relevent to you. Easy!



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