Strategic Economic Pathway

The Ararat 2014 – 2030 Economic Strategy has been developed by the Economic Strategy Unit as a vision for Ararat Rural City. The Economic Strategy Team acts as a catalyst and facilitator to stimulate economic growth by focussing on attracting major infrastructure projects, attracting new investment and assisting existing businesses with market knowledge and networks. Partnerships are critical for future economic prosperity. Networks and clusters are a means of harnessing resources, building capacity, developing skills and adopting new technologies. The Economic Strategy Team act as a link between industry and commerce and the State and Federal Governments.

The Ararat 2014 – 2030 Economic Strategy is designed to drive vigorous and sustainable growth in Ararat Rural City.  It has a strong people and place focus, and harnesses development of agricultural markets, value adding to products and connectivity as the underpinnings of Ararat’s economic future.  The Strategy recognises the need for the ongoing development of transport and communications infrastructure to support new investment and reduce production costs.  It places a high premium on developing fast and efficient supply chains to access major markets.  The Strategy lays a base for secure employment and worthwhile careers, and promotes measures that will ensure a supply pool of highly skilled workers to drive business and industry.  It takes into account the need to hasten the emergence of the “new economy” based on advanced manufacturing, the adoption of new production methods and practices, investment in new technology and the acquisition and application of these technologies across all sectors of the Ararat economy. 

Recent trends have created many changes to the environment that Ararat Rural City operates in.  Factors such as globalisation of the Australian economy, the growth of eCommerce, the rapid population growth in Melbourne and nearby cities, and improvements to transport linkages, provide both opportunities and challenges to the economic wellbeing of the Ararat Rural City municipality.