New Residents


Welcome to the Ararat region and regardless of whether you're considering a move from either the Rat Race (because the rats are winning!!!) or from another regional town, take a look at the list below to read about the amazing place we call home, and why you should too.

From our open and welcoming communities to our excellent community and sporting facilities and healthcare, the Ararat region has so many things that will tick all the boxes for work, lifestyle, nature, education, fresh air, lack of traffic, and affordable housing, and so much more. The newly created Grampians Life site is also a great reference for making the move to our beautiful and welcoming region and well worth a look.

If you have already made the decision to come to our beautiful region, these pages will supply you with information you might need to become a welcome part of our community.

Either way, the Ararat Rural City will strive to help make your transition to your new home as seamless as possible.


Where to live!

With housing affordability at its most difficult in metropolitan areas, the Ararat region’s mean housing price currently sits at  $220,000, with a broad range of housing availability, from city to rural lifestyle properties. It presents a viable and attractive alternative for those wishing to get onto the home ownership ladder or to realise the capital of their metropolitan or larger regional city properties.

You can see the range of housing available by going to Real or Domain 
Alternatively you could take a look at our regional towns for a much quieter pace of life, but only minutes from the city. 


Enviable Lifestyle

The environment is one of the key features of our region and many of the benefits are self-explanatory such as, Fresh Air, Open Space and Healthy Lifestyle; things perceived to be opposite to major Cities. Relocating to the country brings an unprecedented access to the environment and nature.  
The region’s magnificent natural environment attracts both thrill-seeking adventurers and those in desire of peace and tranquility, and many others in between! From the peaks and valleys of the Grampians ranges to the peaceful stillness of large inland lakes, the region provides abundant opportunities to engage directly with the natural environment. Whether the preferred method of engagement is rock climbing, hiking, kayaking or simply sitting beside a rock pool, the options for getting back to nature are virtually limitless.

Our Community facilities are many and wonderful including the Ararat Performing Arts Centre, the Ararat Art Gallery, Swimming pools across the region, the Alexandra Oval Community Centre plus many more such as a movie theatre, parks, gardens, lakes and public fitness equipment all around the municipality. 

Based on Crime Statistics from VicPol, Ararat’s regional crime rate is well below all metropolitan areas, and lower than most of its Western Victorian Neighbours, offering a safer environment for people and families.

Do you seem to be spending a lot of time in your car these days? In the city, you are never more than 5 minutes from anything, but we do have our own 'rush hour' here so instead of it taking you 5 minutes to get from anywhere to anywhere, it can take 6!!!! Think of the extra 1-2 hours a day you could spend with your loved ones or on your favourite hobby.

There are so many things to get involved with here regardless of age, from sports, to volunteering, to clubs and like minded people. Check out our Get Involved  page. 


Open Community

Ararat Rural City is seen as a very accepting, supporting and family-friendly region as highlighted by the Ararat Active City project on the tails of Biggest Loser, and the presence of residents from all over Australia and the world. Ararat region’s smaller towns are also very pro-active smaller communities, guided by community action plans to help keep them vibrant and forward looking.

Community life here in the Ararat region has all the same facilities as the major cities, just follow this link to see the range of things that are on offer.

Exciting Events

Ararat has a vibrant and broad range of events that happen over the year, including farmers and maker’s markets, music and dance festivals, car shows, eisteddfods, art exhibitions, performing arts, and much more.
Go to our events page to see the wonderful range of things that you can be a part of. 

Things to see and do

Ararat is located at the foothills of the Grampians and surrounded by picturesque mountains and grazing country, Ararat Rural City is the centrepiece in a region of tranquil and inspiring natural attractions, including the Grampians National Park, Mount Langi Ghiran, Mount Cole, Mount Buangor, Ararat Hills Regional Park, Lake Fyans and the Pyrenees Ranges

And here is a link to our ..

Tourist Info Centre

Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre


Tourist Attractions

Or look at the wider region

Community and Sporting Clubs

There are over 100 active, varied and vibrant sporting clubs encompassing a broad range of sports and activities in the Ararat region, from football to swimming to bowls, to cycling, (even archery!), just to name a few. Something for everyone. 

The Ararat region also has some of the most up-to date sporting facilities, including the new Alexandra Oval and Community Centre, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, courts of every type, cycle and walking trails, and a skate park.

If Service & Special Interest Clubs are your style, there are 30+ service clubs in the region, including Apex & Rotary, CWA, Emergency Services, Legacy, Landcare, Performing Arts, Business, Racing, a variety of Health groups, and a whole lot more.

Click here for a list of the Community and Sporting Clubs

Active Volunteering

If you love to volunteer, and give back to your community, or even looking to enhance your skills, or just meet like minded people, Ararat has many and varied opportunities to do so.

These include: Ararat Library, Visitor Informations Centre, Gum San Chinese Herutage Centre, Langi Morgala Museum, J Ward, Meals on Wheels, and many other interesting opportunites.

Click here to head to our Volunteers page.

Our Rural Towns

Don't want to live in the City?

checkout and see the wide variety of small welcoming townships within the Ararat municipal area.

Close to everything

On top of all the amazing things that the region has to offer, Ararat sits on the Crossroads of Western Victoria at the intersection of the Western & Pyrenees highways, making all the following things extremely accessibale too.

7 Wineries inside our doorsteps - no time at all

The amamzing Grampians mountains - 30 min - 47 klm

The Big Koala at Daddswel Bridge - 40min - 55 klm

The cities of Ballarat or Horsham - 55 mins - 91 klm

A swim at the beach in Warrnambool - 90 mins - 143 klm

The top of the Westgate Bridge - 2 hrs - 197 klm

The South Australian border - 2 hrs - 211 klm

The mighty Murray River - 2 1/4 hrs - 230 klm


What others have said.

“I’ve started doing things I never would have dreamt of doing in Melbourne. I’ve joined an orchestra, I ride my horse one day a week. Things you just wouldn’t even consider having the time to do.” 

“I would think the biggest thing would be just much more time for family life. We just jumped at the chance because we love the lifestyle and everything about it.” 

"I now have an extra couple of hours a day to be with my family instead of battling with the traffic."

"We couldn't believe it! We sold our house in the inner suburbs and purchsed a bigger place here with lots of room for the kids to run around safely, and still had lots left in the bank. Amazing"

"Came for the work, stayed for the fresh air and open spaces."

When to put your bins out.

Click here to find out more about your kerbside collection. There is also a calendar for you to download and keep somewhere handy.

You can also find out about our many transfer stations and tips here

More links that might interest you....

Click the following headings to find out more about them

Health & Education - for all your info on schools and healthcare

Insfrastructure - for all your information on parks, roads and major infrastructure

Employment - for all your information on careers with the Ararat Rurral City Council

Council Services - Recreation, Cats & Dogs, and much more

Contact us - all our contact details

Fur-Babies - Pets and Animals are a part of many people's lives.

And once you get here....

All new residents are eligible for a welcome pack from Council containing a variety of information to help you settle into your community. This includes information about not only our services but those FAQ covering areas of health services, entertainment, recreation, tourism and much more. The pack also contains a number of small useful gifts to complete the welcome to our region.

It may also tell you about the local Fire Brigade Siren Test every Tuesday evening, just so you don't wonder in vain.

For more information on these packs or to speak with one of our helpful team contact:

Phillippa Cairns

Telephone (03) 5355 0241