Wickliffe is surrounded by agricultural land and has a strong farming community. The township is home to a mix of young families, retirees, farmers, and a number of new residents who were attracted to the area for that “quieter” lifestyle and offer of cheaper housing.

The Recreation reserve is the main community facility.  

What's great about living in Wickliffe?

After 18 years living in Melbourne and looking for a way out we started looking at differed townships and trying to find the perfect place. After quite a bit of driving around Victoria we were advised to have a look at Wickliffe and when we came driving down that hill into Wickliffe I said to my wife that is it, a picturesque little place and we fell in love with it, that was in 1979. Wickliffe has a good community and it did not take very long to feel at home and taking part in everything what was and still is going on.  It is quiet, fresh air, an hour from the beach or an hour from the Grampians and a lot of space around us, perfect might be a bit much but at least 99%. 

Wickliffe: What the attraction was to my family

After searching for three years in the city, not being able to find our ideal home we decided to look in the country areas of Victoria.

After researching of the area and schools for the two kids, it was looking good, living in the country was starting to sound good.

The Old church and the history of the town, the fact that there is a school bus that runs the kids to and from school, not hearing the sirens  (unless there is a problem), allowing the kids to have free space and to be kids. The real estate had said to us that we could find platypus in the Glenelg river, echidna, wombats and kangaroos in the surrounding bush and seeing all the farms at work around us was exciting, lets explore said the kids, lets live here.   So here we are, loving the life we are able to have.

There was also something in the air, some sort of feeling that you where finally home, that this, is where we need to be at this time.

It is also where our last child was conceived and born.

Our house, our town, our future.