Central business district (CBD) 2 hour parking is still in force. 

On-street parking is now free across Ararat municipality as part of a council plan to attract more shoppers through the doors of businesses. Ararat Rural City Council has removed all parking meters from the CBD to make public spaces more accessible and support businesses. 

It was identified the two-hour time limit was needed to ensure everyone had a fair chance to find the right park for their purpose. 

Where a parking spot has time restrictions – this limit will remain in effect to ensure everyone has a fair go at finding a park. Parking limits are regulated between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to noon on weekends. 

Two hour parking enforcement is still in place and the cost of parking longer than indicated is currently $80. 

Disabled parks are available to those with a blue permit, the two hour parking time limit still applies. For those with a double time disabled parking permit can park in a general park for double the time as per signage.  

Accessible Parking Permits - New, Renewals and Replacements

Permits give parking concessions to those with impaired mobility. There are three types of Accessible Parking Permits available to Victorian residents: 

  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit (for individuals) 
  • Victorian Double Time Permit (for individuals) 
  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit (for organisations) 

To apply for an accessible parking permit, click here and fill out the information required. A doctor or occupational therapist must sign off on these permits before they can be assessed.  

Permits can also be done manually by visiting your General Practitioner or Occupational therapist who have access to the VicRoads website to apply on your behalf detailing your medical needs. 

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