Local Law

Local laws and regulations

Ararat Rural City Council currently has two Local Laws in effect (adopted by Council on 17 April 2012).

  • Governance Local Law, and
  • General Local Law

Two documents incorporated by reference in the Local Laws are as follows:

  • Meeting Procedures
  • Local Laws Infringement Notices, Permits and Fees.

The Local Laws and Documents incorporated by reference can be downloaded from the Related Publications area on the right hand side.

After hours contact details for response to emergencies

The following details are for Infrastructure (Depot) staff including Local Laws for the response to emergencies that are a danger to public safety such as but not limited to:-

  • Oil spills on roads, storm damage to roads from water and trees over roads
  • Blocked drains during storms
  • Vandalism or accident damage to road signs and council buildings
  • Animal Control for dog attacks and wandering stock on roads

At 5.15pm Council's telephone system is switched over to automated attendant operation.

The caller may ring the normal Council everyday number 03 5355 0200 where they will receive recorded instructions as to the particular inquiry and to:

  • Press (2) for Depot staff - oil spills, trees over roads etc
  • Press (3) for Animal Control - dog attacks, stock on roads
  • Press (4) to leave a message for a non-emergency that will be attended to on the next working day


Notice of Proposed Amendment to General Local Law 201

Pursuant to section 119 and 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) Council proposes to amend its General Local Law 2012 by making an amendment to the Local Law pursuant to Part 5 of the Act.

The purpose and general purport of the proposed amendment to the Local Law is to address the conflict between the proposed permit system and existing local law as it pertains to Green Hill Lake, but also to be flexible enough to accommodate similar activities currently undertaken at other Ararat Rural City Council assets. 

A copy of the Proposed Amendment to General Local Law 2012 is attached below.

Any person may make a written submission on the proposed amendment to the General Local Law to Council. All submissions received on or before Friday 1 February 2019 will be considered by Council in accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989. 

If a person wishes to be heard in support of their submission they must include the request to be heard in the written submission and this will entitle them to appear in person, or by a person acting on their behalf at the Council Meeting scheduled on Tuesday 19 February 2019 commencing at 6.00pm.

Written submissions should be marked for the attention of the Chief Executive Officer and can either be lodged at Council’s Municipal Office, 59 Vincent Street, Ararat or mailed to Council at PO Box 246, Ararat 3377.

Submissions are not confidential and will be incorporated in full into the agenda and minutes of the Council Meeting at which they are considered.