Cr Frank Deutsch

Tell us about your background? (Family, career, professional experiences)

I lived in Germany for 20 years, lived in Australia for 53 years. Yes I have an accent, but I am an Aussie through and through.

What are your most enjoyable hobbies/interests?

After my retirement in the Oil-Industry, I got sick of sitting around, so I bought a run-down Caravan Park in a quite corner of Victoria at Lake Bolac.
This has kept me busy for the last 8 years. To run any business, large or small, one must ensure that any decisions about expenditure and finances are based on NEED, not on WANT and the expenses must be recoup-able. It's good to have dreams, but dreams need a REALITY CHECK.

What do you see as the biggest strengths within the municipality of the Ararat Rural City and what is your vision for the next four years?

The people are it's biggest strengths, their ability to work together. There are some outstanding individuals in the business community and I am looking forward to meet with those again to explore any co-operative activity to raise Ararat's profile.

Cr Deutsch can be contacted on:

Mobile: 0436 439 301