Cr Henry Burridge

In supporting the role of Council and the Mayor, I will be apart of a unified team that will support our CEO in maintaining and providing good governance for our municipality. In doing so, we will provide support and advice in strategic planning, ensure legislative and regulatory requirements are adhered to, monitor and assess council financials to ensure all ratepayers money is spent and utilised in the most effective manner for the benefit of all in the municipality. We will promote development oppurtunities in residential, business and agriculture sectors, ensuring timely outcomes and minimal red tape. In representing the interests of the municipality I aim to provide strong leadership, ensure council continues to maintain and improve its core business responsibilities for roads, footpaths and rubbish removal. As a council we will pursue all opportunities to obtain grants and funding to help build and maintain new and existing sporting, recreation and community facilities; ensure local community centres and services are maintained. I look forward to utilising the skills I have to represent the interests of the municipality.

Phone: 0436 599 380