Cr Rob Armstrong

I am a sixth generation farmer in the Langi Logan district, which gives me a solid undertsanding of the area and the issues that face our community. In addition to being a lifetime local, I have extensive business experience in a number of areas. It is with this experience that gives me confidence to not only understand the issues but be able to navigate the systems and processes required to implement changes alongside the other Councillors. Over the years I have noticed a lot of small businesses close, which is very sad for our community, we need to assist in bringing businesses back to Ararat, in order to create employment oppurtunities and expand our industrial hub. I think it is very important that we unite and work closely together to motivate our community to move forward and become a leading town in the region. I am strongly focused on bringing people to the area through tourism. Developing our tourism sector brings in more money for our community, which in turn creates more jobs. I think it is time we started thinking outside the square, and become leaders, not followers. We are our own community, working together will allow us to break new ground and allows the Ararat Rural City community a great chance for future success. 

Phone: 0436 832 526