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The Elmhurst and District Community Development Group (EDCDG) was established in June 2001 after a public meeting identified the need for more collaboration and a strategic approach to the way in which Elmhurst and District develops over the coming years.

The group is now called Elmhurst Development Group (EDG), which is the official name for the incorporated identity.

This has lead to the development of a number of Community Action Plans. The plans detail the goals and strategies agreed by the community for the community.

Ararat Rural City Council works closely with development groups across the small townships of the municipality as one method of community engagement and consultation.


To foster the social, cultural and environmental development of the Elmhurst Community.

To act as a key community reference group for the Ararat Rural City Council.

To develop a community action plan that reflects the goals of the Elmhurst Community.


Infrastructure - To continue to improve and develop Elmhurst and District's streetscape, facilities, business and services.

Community building - To promote the assests and strengths of Elmhurst and District and the people who live here.

Environment - To promote and develop the considerable environmental assests of Elmhurst and District.


To understand and represent the views and interests of the Elmhurst Community.

To actively participate in meetings, decision making processes and the development, implementation and evaluation of EDG projects.

To communicate and disseminate information to the broader community.

To work and liaise with other groups, government representatives and stakeholders. 


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