Ararat Rural City Council Rating Strategy Jury


Ararat Rural City Council with the assistance of The newDemocracy Foundation invite you to participate in the Ararat Rural City Council Rating Strategy Jury.
The Jury will be a representative group of people, picked at random, that will directly influence Council’s decision of future rating strategies.

To apply for the Ararat Rural City Council Rating Strategy Jury, click here

What, When & Where?

2 April Registrations close 5pm - WE NEED YOU.
You will be part of making an important decision for your community.
There are no qualification or pre-requisites to be eligible for selection.
The Jury will bring together a diverse group of individuals and it is
the diversity of knowledge, life-experience and perspectives that
will enable the group to consider the issue from all standpoints.
(Councillors and Council employees are not eligible to register.)
6 April Jury members will be contacted to confirm their selection and will
receive an information kit.
12 April Further information will be provided to the Jury after the Rating
Strategy Advisory Group release their recommendations.
21/22 April The Jury will meet on the weekend of April 21 & 22 at the Alexandra
Oval Community Centre in Ararat. The workshops will be 2 full days.
You must be available to attend on both these days if you are selected.
Meals will be provided.

Why are we doing this?

We know our community is passionate about the lifestyle that makes Ararat Rural City unique and that you want to be involved in decision-making about the things that impact our future.
In recent months we’ve heard loud and clear that our community does not trust the process. We need to do better when it comes to involving people in the decisions that affect us all. This means involving people, sharing the challenge, and being open to any answer. It includes involving everyday people like you, in making difficult trade-offs and giving authority to your final recommendations.
Council wants to act on informed opinions from a representativecross-section of the community and holding a Jury as opposed to a survey is a good way to do this.
The Rating Strategy Advisory Group and the Jury processes are an opportunity to really do something different – to show that we value your input, your expertise, your willingness to work alongside us to make decisions that affect all of us.
That’s why we’ve asked the newDemocracy Foundation to design the Jury. The newDemocracy Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan research and development organisation working in ways to strengthen and restore trust in public decision making. They are providing free advice and support to Council.


Jurors will be randomly selected from the people who register. 25 people will participate and they will be selected across a range of demographics that represent the various Ararat Rural City communities and rate payers. This selection will be done by newDemocracy Foundation (not Council).
Selected jurors will be provided with access to Ararat Rural City Council rating information and given time to reach informed, consensus style recommendations in a process designed by representatives of newDemocracy Foundation.
Jurors will also be provided with a number of models that are under consideration from the Rating Strategy Advisory Group as well as giving you the chance to recommend a new model.

What is a Rating Strategy?

A rating strategy is the method that Councils use to inform decisions about the rating system. The rating system determines how Council will raise money from properties within the municipality. The rating strategy does not change the total amount of money to be raised, only the share of revenue contributed by each class of property.
Rating differentials are often used by Councils to ensure the burden of rates to particular groups is not too high. A range of principles are taken into account. You do not need to understand rating strategies to participate in this activity. All relevant information will be
provided to jury members.


The unedited recommendations of the Jury will be published at the completion of the workshop. The Mayor and Councillors will provide a response to the recommendations prior to releasing their draft 2018/19 Budget and Rating Strategy.


Please register your interest and availability at or call in to the Council offices with this registration form.
For further information on the selection process and project contact newDemocracy via or call on 0467 066 185
Please share this information to make sure we get a good snapshot of our community involved. The more people who register the better the jury selection process works
Your registration of interest and contact details remain private. 
A payment of $300 will be made to each selected Juror to assist with any costs associated with participating. For more information about newDemocracy go to
Council’s contact for this engagement activity is Angela Hunt, Executive Manager Community Life (