Moyston Sheep Dog Club Inc.

The Moyston Sheepdog Trials are the oldest annual sheepdog trials in Victoria, possibly Australia. They are held at the picturesque Moyston Oval adjacent to the main Ararat Halls Gap Road in Moyston.

Four obstacles, three sheep and one dog - sounds easy, what could possibly go wrong? It is set up to mirror tasks of the farm and skills a good sheepdog needs to possess. The dog must do all the work, unaided by the handler, who only can give instruction by whistle or words. The obstacles are a gate, a race, a bridge and a pen. Time allowed is 15 minutes. There are of course rules, and a scoring system.

Most of the dogs are beautiful Border Collies, with a few Kelpies. The handlers are men and women of all ages, quite often retired farmers.

Event is generally run 3rd week in March.

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