Alexandra Lake island trees to be removed next week

Posted Friday 25 January, 08:51am

Ararat Rural City Council, an arborist and a local contractor have worked together to come up with a solution to remove a large fallen tree on Alexandra Lake Island, after discovering the issue was more complex than first suspected.
A number of trees on the island will have to be removed after an arborist’s report found complicating factors such as the unstable ground, access issues and safety concerns.
Council Chief Executive Officer Dr Tim Harrison said the tree’s fall had compromised the integrity of several other trees on the island and the arborist’s report recommended the removal of three other trees.
“The issue is a lot more complicated than we first thought because of the unstable nature of the island,” Dr Harrison said.
“The removal of the trees poses a lot of technical issues – unfortunately it’s not a simple job, which is why it has taken a few weeks for Council staff, the arborist and contractor to find a solution.
“The ground is not stable as it’s surrounded by water, so it’s not possible to drive heavy machinery on to the island but the contractor we have engaged has come up with a solution.”
Dr Harrison said local business Shea Earth and Water has been contracted to do the works, and thanked owner Jon Shea and staff for their help. The work will start next Tuesday, January 29, after the busy Australia Day celebrations taking place in Alexandra Gardens on Saturday.
He said the work should take around five days but reassured the community that access restrictions would be kept to a minimum.
“Small areas of the gardens near the island will be closed to the public for short periods of time,” he said.
“The swimming pool operators and the Gardens Lake Café owner have been notified of the work and access to their facilities will not be impacted.”
Dr Harrison said the Council would look at replanting the island once the trees were removed and species suited to the unstable ground could be found.