Ararat Rural City Council allays recycling concerns

Posted Tuesday 20 August, 02:16pm

Ararat Rural City Council has sought to allay community concerns around Victoria’s current recycling crisis, assuring residents their recycling is not going to landfill.

Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison said he wanted to reassure the community that their recycling efforts are not going to waste, and urged people to put their bins out as normal.

“Ararat Rural City Council does not use the affected company, SKM, but instead uses Visy Recycling to process its recycling collections,” Dr Harrison said.

“As a result, our residents recycling is not going to landfill, and the Council definitely has not levied a ‘bin tax’. All our waste fees and charges are set within our annual budget and if we were to change these, we would need to go through a legislative process that requires public consultation and engagement.

“I encourage all our residents to keep sorting their waste and recycling as normal, as this municipality is not at all affected by the current issues.”

Dr Harrison reassured everyone living within the Ararat Rural City that recycling is going on as usual.

“So please keep sorting your waste and putting out your recycling bin as normal,” he said.

For more information about recycling and how to do it better, visit the Sustainability Victoria website at