Ararat Rural City Council launching crime prevention campaign

Posted Monday 23 November, 08:14am

Ararat Rural City Council has been working with the community to help prevent crime in the region through the launch of a new campaign.

Focusing on three main groups, farms, residential and businesses. The campaign aims to help inform people of how to reduce the risk of theft through a range of videos featuring local community members.

Ararat Rural City Council CEO, Dr Tim Harrison stated, “Community members and groups such as the Victoria Police, Greater Ararat Business Network, local farmers, business owners and residents have worked together to create content which will help inform people of ways to prevent theft.”

“Unfortunately, recently we have seen an increase in theft and one of the first steps to addressing this issue is through prevention,”

The videos will be specific to our region, featuring community members and local Victoria Police officers to guide people through ways they can deter crime on their properties.

“The campaign will highlight simple measures that people can take, such as installing security lights in businesses and securing high risk items. Measures such as these can make a big difference to crime levels not just at an individual property, but in the whole community.” Said Dr Harrison.

Sergeant Simon Grant, who features through the campaign videos has said, “Having a local campaign is a great idea because it will be more relatable to the community. The campaign features all local people and businesses, which we hope will reach people on a more personal level.”

“People who want to take further steps on crime prevention and are looking for a place to start can visit the Victoria Police website, or contact their local station,” added Sergeant Grant

This project has been partnered by Victoria Police, who can be contacted for further advice on securing your property against crime. People are welcome to contact them through calling 5355 1500, or visiting 77 Barkly Street, Ararat VIC 3377.

People who are looking to make their property and community safer are also welcome to reach out to Ararat Rural City Council through calling 5355 0200 or email on council@ararat.vic,