Patricia Hinchey Day Centre

Our aim is to reduce the social isolation that can lead to poor health for our older residents. Day respite also offers carers a well-earned break from daily care-giving responsibilities. Participants also enjoy a nutritious meal in air-conditioned comfort.

Girdlestone Street, Ararat, Vic 3377

Activities include: day outings; music; movies; exercise; art and fun activities to stimulate the brain.

Transport: people who live in Ararat can be collected and returned home in one of our 3 buses.

Fees are dependent on individual circumstances, but in most cases are very reasonable.

Referral: anyone can make a referral to Patricia Hinchey Centre, we accept referrals from doctors; family; friends; or you!

Further information is available by contacting the Centre during office hours, telephone 5352 9326.