Kerbside Waste & Recycling Collection

Kerbside waste collection




The Ararat township is served by a weekly kerbside waste collection service.

  • Northern Ararat: Monday (Pink)
  • South-eastern Ararat: Tuesday (Green)
  • South-western Ararat: Wednesday (Orange)
  • Western Ararat: Thursday (Yellow)
  • Central business area: Monday & Wednesday

The bin size for residential areas is a mandatory 120-litre bin with a red lid.

The bin size for businesses is optional 120 or 240-litre bins.

Rural Township Kerbside Waste Collection

Residents in the rural areas close to existing garbage truck transit routes are invited to participate in Council’s weekly garbage kerbside collection service by placing bins for collection on the rural garbage truck routes.  This will of course imply payment of the standard applicable garbage charge.

Enquiries about these services should be addressed to the Customer Service Centre on (03) 5355 0200.

Rural townships are served by a weekly kerbside waste collection service on the following days:

  • Buangor: Thursday
  • Elmhurst: Thursday
  • Moyston: Thursday
  • Pomonal: Thursday
  • Warrak and Mount Cole: Thursday
  • Lake Bolac: Friday
  • Streatham: Friday
  • Wickliffe: Friday
  • Willaura: Friday

The bin size for the rural area is optional 120 or 240-litre bins.

Ararat Kerbside Recycling Collection

In the Ararat township we provide a kerbside recycling service for all residents. Each household gets a 240-litre kerbside recycling bin that you place on the nature strip on the night prior to the day of collection.

Collections are fortnightly on the same day as your household kerbside waste collection.

Did you know these are the items that can be recycled?

  • cardboard boxes, flattened – no waxed cardboard boxes
  • milk and juice cartons
  • rigid plastic containers, bottles and trays
  • newspapers, magazines, phone books, paper including envelopes and junkmail – loose, not tied
  • glass bottles and jars
  • steel cans and aerosol cans – no paint tins or oil cans
  • aluminium cans, trays and foil

Remember plastic and metal lids can be recycled too, but take them off the item before placing in the recycling bin!

Did you know that if you place any of the following non-recyclable materials in your recycle bin then all the contents are deemed contaminated and sent to landfill?

  • waxed cardboard cartons
  • light globes
  • pyrex, crockery or window or broken glass
  • plastic shopping bags
  • motor oil containers
  • polystyrene cups, meat trays
  • medical waste containers and sharps bins/syringes
  • nappies, clothing
  • animal droppings
  • food
  • garden (green) waste
  • household garbage

If in doubt, leave it out!!

Commercial and Industrial recycling is available through Downes Recycling in Ararat and Statewide Recycling in Stawell.