Our Environment

We provide many services to assist our community in the Environment and Sustainability area.

We have a fantastic Environment Sustainability Strategy and Greenhouse Action Plan, both developed with the wonderful assistance of community members who also belong to the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee along with Council staff and Councillor participation.  These plans and committee ensure Council stick to key actions relating to environmental priorities in our community.

At Council we have been involved in:

  • planting native trees
  • improving stormwater quality
  • alleviating scouring of waterways
  • litter controls – education, street litter bins, cigarette butt receptacles
  • major streetlight changeover project from inefficient  bulbs to LEDs (affiliate Council)
  • solar to low income households
  • bioenergy to Beaufort hospital (affiliate Council)
  • pest plant and animal control works

Native vegetation removal in Victoria is subject to State and Federal legislation under the Planning Scheme and like other landowners Council is responsible for the control of pest plants and animals and the protection of our valuable biodiversity assets. 

 Ararat Rural City Council covers two Catchment Management Authority areas:

  • Wimmera (northern)
  • Glenelg Hopkins (southern)

These government agencies are responsible for the management of many of the picturesque waterways in our community.

Did you know stormwater from properties and roadways travels virtually untreated into the creeks, rivers and waterways across our shire? It is up to us all to protect them by not allowing nutrients, litter and other waste to escape into the water flow to harm these critical resources.  Council does provide litter traps at many waterway entry points and street sweeping to minimise gross pollutants entering waterways, but it’s up to us all to do the right thing.

Littering on Federal and State Highways is the responsibility of VicRoads.  Littering from vehicles can be reported directly via the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 372 842 or via the online report

Solar Savers Program 

Solar Savers has been funded with a $760k grant through the Victorian Government New Energy Jobs Fund, with the program being rolled out across 20 Victorian Councils to 2019. The Solar Savers program is helping pensioners to install solar with no upfront costs. Participating households will gradually pay for their panels through their rates payments over 10 years. At the same, power bill savings will more than cover the cost of loan repayment.

For more information on the above program contact Solar Savers on 9385 8512.