Revolution Ararat: Four-Bin Waste & Recycling System

Ararat's Waste and Recycling Program is transitioning to a three or four-bin system.

The 'Revolution Ararat' Program is Council’s commitment to reducing the amount of waste delivered to landfill by introducing a new residential four-bin system collection.

This new collection will commence on Monday 3 October 2022. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing details below of the information you need to know as part of this new service.

All residential properties under five hectares will receive a four-bin collection system while properties over five hectares will receive the three-bin system, which excludes the organics collection.

What do you need to know?


Delivery of new green and purple lid bins will commence this week by members of Council’s operations depot, this will be an enormous task that will take up to 8 weeks to complete. If you have not received a purple and green bin by the end of August please contact Council to arrange delivery of the new bins. Red and Yellow lid bins will commence being delivered in November until this occurs your current bins will continue to be collected.

All rural properties with residences should receive a letter relating to the collection of their new bins for their properties. If you are unable to collect your bin on these days please contact Council Customer Services Department on 03 5355 0200 to arrange an alternative. 



Transfer Station 

Monday to Friday 

19/9/2022 - 30/9/2022 

2:30pm - 4:30 pm 


Recreation Reserve 



10 am - 12:00 noon 


Recreation Reserve 



1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 


Recreation Reserve 



10 am - 12:00 noon 


Recreation Reserve 



1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 


Recreation Reserve 



10 am - 12:00 noon 


Golf Club 



1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 


Recreation Reserve 



10:00 am - 3:00 pm 


Recreation Reserve 



10:00 am - 3:00 pm 

What do you do with your old bin? 

You are welcome to keep your old garbage bins to use as you wish.  If you do not want the bin you can bring it to your nearest transfer station, where we will be arranging for these bins to be recycled to create new bins! 

Where will my bin be collected from? 

As a general rule, your garbage bin will be collected from where your mail is delivered.  A council officer will meet with you at the collection days to discuss options that will make up the collection service to your property. 


The new waste collection details are as follows:

 Weekly Collection

Red Lid Bin


 Fortnight 1

Yellow Lid Bin

Co-mingled Recycling – No Glass

 Fortnight 2

Green Lid Bin


 Every Four Weeks

Purple Lid Bin


For Ararat Residents your current collection day will not change the zone details will be as follows:

  • Monday Collection - Zone 1
  • Tuesday Collection - Zone 2
  • Wednesday Collection - Zone 3
  • Thursday Collection - Zone 4

A detailed City Zones Kerbside Collection Calendar can be found in the Kerbside Collection Brochure


It's important for rural residents to place their bins out the night before their collection day and ensure they're 1 metre apart, if applicable. 

For the first week of the new waste and recycling service in the rural areas, please place your bin out on the night of Sunday 2 October 2022 to assist Council in collecting your bins and continue to monitor your bin throughout the week to observe if and when it gets picked up.

For residents who have previously received a waste service, please leave your bins where they are normally collected. 

If are new to the waste management service and you are on an all-weather road (sealed or unsealed), bins may be placed on the edge of the road with enough room for trucks to pick your bin up. If your bin is on the wrong side of the road, we will place your bin on the correct side of the road that aligns best with the pickup route.

If your bin/s have not been picked up by the end of the week please contact the Customer Service Centre on (03) 5355 0200. 


From 3 October, we'll begin collecting your glass-only waste every four weeks. Here’s what the new glass collection means for you:

Glass bottles and jars now have their own purple lid bin. Placing broken glass in yellow lid recycling bins only makes contents like paper and cardboard more difficult to recycle.

This is because glass bottles and jars melt at the same temperature. Other types of household glass, such as drinking glasses, windows and mirrors, melt at different temperatures.

If these items are placed into your glass bin, they contaminate the recyclable glass and cannot be used.

Households can now sort all their glass bottles and jars into the PURPLE lid bin. This includes all colours of glass bottles and jars from drinks, condiments, and vitamins.

What will we do with the glass collected?

We'll be collecting your purple bin every four weeks, to turn the materials into construction-grade glass sand that can be used in civil projects such as roads and pavement.

This exciting initiative will help us to work towards a municipal circular economy and reduce waste going to landfill.


A new 240-litre GREEN LID bin will be delivered to every residential property under five hectares in the municipality. 

Your green lid recycling bin will be collected fortnightly on the alternate week to your yellow lid recycling bin.  It's simple on the week that you don’t put out your yellow recycle bin – put out your green organics bin.  

Both food and garden waste can be placed in this bin – just remember NO plastics.

What if I already compost at home?

Keep up the good work!  The organics collection provided by Council does not replace your home composting but it can complement it!  Meat, seafood, dairy, citrus, onions and processed carbohydrates, or any large or whole food items that can cause problems in a small-scale compost bin can be placed in your green lid organics bins for kerbside collection and processing. 

What goes in your organics bin (green lid)?
Garden Organics 
  • Lawn Clippings 
  • Garden prunings including leaves, twigs, weeds, flowers and small branches. 
Other Organics 
  • Tissues and paper towel 
  • Shredded paper 
  • Cold Ash from your fire 
  • Vacuum cleaner dust 
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps including citrus and pips/stones 
  • Meat and bones (raw and cooked) 
  • Fish and seafood (including shells) 
  • Dairy products including cheese, yoghurt and butter (just not the containers!) 
  • Bakery products including bread, cake and pizza 
  • Eggshells 
  • Rice, cereal, grains and pasta 
  • Mouldy and expired food (removed from packaging) 
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds 
More details on what goes where can be found in the ARCC Kerbside Collection Booklet below.


Should you wish to know further information you can con­tact Council’s Customer Services department on (03) 5355 0200 or email