Urban Stormwater Management

Clean stormwater helps keep our creeks, rivers and lakes healthy. When rain falls on your home, garden or business, it runs into your downpipe or the nearest stormwater drain. The stormwater system then drains to the nearest creek, river, or lake, and is separate from the sewage system, which carries water from our sinks, bathrooms and toilets and sends it to a sewage treatment plant.

Stormwater is not treated to remove pollution before it reaches our waterways. This pollution can make our local water bodies unsafe to swim in and seriously damage our environment if we are careless about how we use and dispose of many substances.

Most stormwater pollution is caused by everyday activities:

  • human produced wastes:  litter, grease and oil, paint, garden pesticides, detergents, concrete and many products we use in our homes and at work.
  • ‘natural' waste, such as soil, sand, pet droppings, grass clippings and fallen leaves

How can stormwater pollution be reduced?

We can all take action to reduce stormwater pollution from our homes and businesses and from public places such as parks. Contact Ararat Rural City Council for more information about what you can do around your home or business. If you see someone contributing towards stormwater pollution, you can report their action to the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 372 842 or report it online.

For further information on stormwater go to the EPA's Stormwater website.