Waste Services

At Ararat Rural City Council we provide a wide range of waste and recycling services; many of these are supplemented by commercial services within our very own community.

Ararat Rural City Council is part of the Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group. Member Councils work together to get a consistent approach across the region, to share waste management and educational resources and jointly tender to minimise the costs to individual councils.

Primary services available to residents are:

  • A waste collection service to residents in Ararat, Buangor, Elmhurst, Lake Bolac, Mount Cole, Moyston, Pomonal, Streatham, Warrak, Wickliffe and Willaura as well as along some of the transit routes around these areas.
  • A recycling collection in Ararat (only)
  • Waste, recycling and re-use drop off at our Transfer Stations in Ararat, Elmhurst, Lake Bolac, Moyston, Pomonal, Tatyoon, Streatham and Willaura.


E-waste ban in landfill to take effect 1 July 2019

What does this mean for you?

As of 1 July, the Victorian Government is introducing a ban of all electronic waste (e-waste) going into landfill. For the community, this means that any item that has a plug, power cord or battery that is no longer working or wanted will be banned from entering landfills across the state.

E-waste is growing three times faster than the rate of standard municipal waste; it is full of valuable resources, that can be reused, but also contains many hazardous materials which, don't belong in landfill. Materials, from these items, such as plastic, batteries, precious metals and glass can be turned into reusable products such as toys, keyboards, new batteries, new screens for televisions, jewellery and many more things.  Rather than putting it in the bin and sending it to landfill, there are better places where you can take e-waste items.

What  items are e-waste?

Large appliances
Refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, microwaves, electric fans, air conditioners

Small appliances
Irons, toasters, coffee machines, hair dryers, watches

IT, telecommunications and TV equipment
Computers, laptops, printers, mobile phones, televisions, remote controls, desktop phones

Other e-waste
Medical devices, automatic dispensers, thermostats

Lighting equipment
Fluorescent lamps, high intensity, discharge lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, LEDs

Electrical and electronic tools
Drills, saws, sewing machines, lawn mowers, batteries

Toys, leisure and sports equipment
Electric trains and racing cars, hand-held video games, consoles, amplifiers, musical instruments, radios

Both Ararat and Lake Bolac transfer stations will have special e-waste sheds, for disposal and storage of items, that have been provided by Sustainability Victoria and Ararat Rural City Council.  The shed at Ararat transfer station, is due for completion by end of June 2019, the shed at Lake Bolac is scheduled for completion in 2020, as its construction ties in with the Resource Recovery Upgrade works to occur at the current transfer station site. All other transfer station sites across the municipality, will not receive e-waste items.

If you can't get to either Ararat or Lake Bolac transfer station, to dispose of your e-waste item, then there are other options for disposal across the state, links to finding out where are below:



Is there a cost?

Due to the cost to Council to transport and have the items re-processed, there will be a cost to the community, for the disposal of items at the transfer stations:

  • $10  per small item (television, computer) or $10 per bag of smaller items such as toys and electrical cords
  • $25 per large item (e.g. photocopier)


Where does the e-waste go after I dispose of it at the transfer station?

E-waste, from Council's transfer stations, goes to Axis Worx in Horsham, which is a certified Social Enterprise providing supported employment for people with a disability who are unable to work in the open employment sector.


Green waste

Whilst some Councils across Victoria do provide an option for green waste collection - kerbside bin/or transfer station collection - the percentage, particularly in rural areas do not.
Ararat Rural City Council is currently unable to provide a kerbside bin collection service due to several factors:
  • There are limited options for it to go to. Eg. no local compost/bio mass facility or no local re-processor
  • There is not enough volume for feasibility in Council operating its own re-processing facility
  • It is too expensive to transport green waste regularly to a re-processor that is not close by (the closest to Ararat is located in Bacchus Marsh). It is not a feasible option to transport to this site whether the waste is shredded or not
  • Currently a large number of EPA legislation and restrictions on compost facility operations
Many Councils do not take green waste at all.
Under Ararat Rural City Council's 'Fire Ready' project, a free green waste period is offered to ALL households across the municipality. This is to assist residents to clean-up around their homes for the upcoming fire season.
Council receives all sorted green waste at their transfer stations, where it is checked for contamination. The green waste received is generally shredded and composted then utilised around the region.
Ararat Rural City Council collaborate on waste management services with other Councils across Victoria, but particularly with 12 other Councils under the Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group - a State Government organisation designed to assist Councils, organisations, businesses and households with waste management issues/projects. This Group works in colaboration with with Sustainability Victoria and Deptartment of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.