Parks & Gardens

Parks and gardens are maintained for the benefit and pleasure of all residents and visitors to the municipality. The Alexandra Gardens and Town Hall gardens are maintained to a very high standard throughout the year with seasonal orchid and rose displays. The playing surface at Alexandra Oval is maintained for sporting events including football cricket and athletics. These gardens and grounds combine with other sporting facilities including an outdoor pool and water play area, netball and tennis courts. In combination with a new Community Centre the gardens and oval create a focal location for community activities.

The Parks & Gardens unit are responsible for maintaining all Council Parks & Gardens assets, including reserves, roundabouts, parks, playgrounds, garden beds and trees within Ararat and the rural towns.

The team are also responsible for rural roadside and urban tree maintenance and clearing throughout the municipality.

The team services in excess of one hundred and fourteen (114) individual sites throughout the municipality ranging in size from 20 square metres up to 42 hectares and totalling over of 240 hectares. (598 acres)