Planning Permits

The Ararat Rural City Council administers the Victorian Planning Provisions, which cover the use and development of land across the State and within our municipality. This is achieved through the Ararat Planning Scheme, which sets out Council's objectives for the Municipality regarding land use and development and also specifies where a use or developments requires a planning permit.

The Ararat Planning Scheme is administered by Council’s Planning Department, which issues permits for a range of projects. For example, a planning permit maybe required before using land for a purpose, undertaking buildings and works, altering a heritage place, removing native vegetation, filling or subdividing land or erecting a sign. This also includes enforcement of the Ararat Planning Scheme for non-compliance.

The Ararat Planning Scheme has detailed information on State and Local Planning Policy Frameworks, the Municipal Strategic Statement, as well as the zone and overlay controls, and particular and general provisions. Council’s Planning Department are happy to discuss whether you require a permit for your proposal.