Amendment C039arat Pt2 implements the recommendations of the Rural Ararat Heritage Study (2016)  by applying the Heritage Overlay to 5 individual places  and amending the overlay on one place. This process has been necessary due to errors in the initial advertising of these changes in Part 1 of the amendment in 2018.

Land to which this amendment applies

The amendment applies to 6 discrete areas in private ownership in the localities of Elmhurst, Tatyoon, Westmere, Wickliffe and Willaura within the council area. These are listed below along with the map reference (see maps attached) and a summary of the proposed changes.


Proposed planning control

34 High Street, Elmhurst


The Heritage Overlay HO151 Elmhurst Mechanics Institute is included in the Planning Scheme Map 15HO. This applies the Heritage Overlay to cover both lots – Lot 1 TP 320952 and Lot 2 TP 320952 at  34 High Street Elmhurst.


Tatyoon Road, Tatyoon


Apply Heritage Overlay HO212 to the old Water tower on Tatyoon Road and include in Planning Scheme Map 26.


916 Glenelg Highway, Westmere


Apply Heritage Overlay HO219 to St Johns Anglican Church located at  916 Glenelg Highway. Include HO219 in Planning Scheme Map 33.


1009 Chatsworth-Wickliffe Street, Wickliffe


'Berrambool' Farm Complex, 1009 Chatsworth-Wickliffe Rd, Wickliffe has a heritage overlay HO224 . The Amendment  amends  Clause 43.01 (Heritage Overlay)  for HO224  to cover correct and existing structures identified in the statement of significance for HO224 in the heritage study. These are stables, outbuildings,  woolshed, shearers' quarters, grave site and  overseer's house. The Planning Scheme Map 28 is amended to include these structures.


34 Walker Street, Wickliffe


Apply Heritage Overlay  HO229 to the Former Store at 34 Walker Street Wickliffe. Amend Planning Map 30 to include.


31 & 49 Main Street, Willaura


Apply Heritage Overlay HO240 to the Willaura Railway Station Complex, Wickliffe-Willaura Rd, Willaura and include in Planning Map 25


Exhibition Documents

Attached to this letter are a number of Exhibition documents for you to read that relate to the amendment. These documents are as follows:


Also attached are six Maps for exhibition:

  • C39arat Part 2 Map 15 Exhibition
  • C39arat Part 2 Map 25 Exhibition
  • C39arat Part 2 Map 26 Exhibition
  • C39arat Part 2 Map 28 Exhibition
  • C39arat Part 2 Map 30 Exhibition
  • C39arat Part 2 Map 33 Exhibition


The Amendment documents attached are also available for public inspection, free of charge, during office hours at the following places:


The Amendment can also be inspected free of charge at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website at

or by contacting 1800 789 386 to arrange a time to view the amendment documentation.



Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission to the planning authority.  Submissions about the amendment must be received by 4 February 2022.

A submission must be sent to:

Ms Veronica Schilling
Manager Planning, Community & Compliance
Ararat Rural City Council
PO Box 246 Ararat Victoria 3377 Or by email to:


Should you have any queries, or wish to discuss the amendment please contact Mrs Dot Jerram by phone on 5355 0228  or via email: