Defendable Spaces for Towns

This Bushfire Planning project was undertaken following the recommendations of the Bushfire Royal Commission and funding from the State Government to examine the provision of defendable space for bushfire protection of existing settlements in western Victoria. Terramatrix and Tract Consultants were engaged to develop a process to assess the need for defendable space and advise on potential implementation mechanisms. The assessment process was then trialled at five pilot sites:

  • Ararat
  • Castlemaine
  • Halls Gap
  • Dunkeld
  • Lal Lal

Defendable Space – Discussion Paper

Defendable Space – Methodology

Defendable Space – Planning Implementation

Defendable Space – Mechanism

Defendable Space – Ararat Pilot Study

The outcomes of the pilot studies will be used for a range of strategic planning purposes. This may include providing defendable space for the settlements; informing planning for future development; supporting fire management planning and targeting community education. If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact:

Veronica Schilling 


Phone: (03) 5355 0200