Calculating rates and charges

Calculating rates

We use the Capital Improved Value (CIV) to calculate rates. CIV is the market value for your property.

The formula for calculating general rates, is:

General rates = Valuation (CIV) x Rate in the dollar (differential).

For example, the calculation for a residential property worth $250,000 would be $250,000 (CIV) x 0.00628 (residential rate in $) = $1,256.00 in 2020/21.

This formula excludes any additional charges such as municipal charges, fire services levy, waste & recycle collection charge.

You can also use our rates calculator to calculate your rates, based on your property's capital improved value.

Recycle and waste management charges

The waste service charges are based on user pays principles and recovers such costs as collection, recycling and land fill.

This is a compulsory charge for all properties where Council provides a waste collection or a recycle collection. Fees for 2020/21 are:

  • Kerbside collection - Waste - 240 litre - $416 (collected every week)
  • Kerbside collection - Waste - 120 litre - $318 (collected every week)
  • Kerbside collection – Recycling – 240 litre - $150 (collected every fortnight)

Municipal charges

In addition to general rates, we levy a municipal charge - a set amount on each property. The levy of $96 for 2020/21 is applied to recover some of our administrative costs.

Rate capping

The Victorian Government has specified a rates cap of 2% for 2020/21. The cap applies to the average annual increase of rates and municipal charges.

Council can apply for an increase that is higher than the 2% but Council elected to adopt the 1% rate decrease in 2020/21. , which comes after a 2.5% rate rise in 2019/20.

The total amount shown on your rate notice will have increased or decreased by a different percentage amount for the following reasons:

  • The 2020 general revaluation
  • The valuation of your property relative to the valuations of other properties in the municipal district
  • The application of any differential rate
  • The inclusion of other rates and charges not covered by the rates cap. For example, the waste & recycle charges are not subject to the rates cap, nor is the fire services levy Council collects on behalf of the Victorian government.