Works Within Municipal Road Reserves

Any work undertaken within a road reserve requires a Works Within Municipal Road Reserves permit.

Typically, work in a road reserve could be:

  • utility service extensions
  • consumer service connections
  • installation or replacement of stormwater drainage
  • construction of a driveway that provides access from the adjoining property to the roadway
  • temporary placement of a waste skip or storage of construction or other materials and equipment
  • the construction of a road or pathway by an individual or a developer.

All work must be undertaken in accordance with Permit Conditions and approved construction standards. Council has standard drawings for most work that will be undertaken. These can be used to support an application.

Permit applications must be processed by Council within 20 business days, however Council endeavours to process applications more quickly. Work is not to commence prior to the issue of a permit. Permit holders are required to give notification of commencement and completion.

All works must be reinstated to Council requirements. In some cases Council will undertake reinstatement work for the applicant on a fee for service basis. Where the permit holder undertakes reinstatement but does not do so to a satisfactory standard, Council can undertake, or get others to undertake reinstatement and recover costs incurred.

Fees are set by State legislation. Council offers discounted fees for applications that are complying and complete at first submission.

Further information can be found and downloaded in the related publications including details of fees and submission process.

Further information can be obtained in person at the Ararat Rural City Municipal Offices or by telephoning the Council on (03) 5355 0200.

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