Emergency Management

Emergencies can happen at any time and are usually unexpected.  Ararat Rural City is exposed to a variety of natural hazards, including floods, fires and storms.

Council and emergency services are here to help in the event of an emergency, but there are things that can be done to ensure the safety of homes and businesses.

It is important that all of the community have an emergency plan and get involved in a community planning to help prepare for an emergency.


Fire Danger Period

Fire Danger Period is now in effect for the whole of Ararat Rural City Council.

The Fire Danger Period affects the use of fire in a variety of settings, including campfires, burning off, use of machinery and more.

For further information on the Fire Danger Period, please see the the Country Fire Authority (CFA) ‘Can I or Can’t I?’ For an easy reference. If you have any questions, please contact Council’s Emergency Management Coordinator on 03 5355 0283.


Grampians Fire Danger Information

Parks Victoria have released an information sheet about fire danger in the Grampians. If you are going to be in the Grampians this summer, please read this sheet and consider your activities with the prevailing weather conditions.

Grampians Fire Danger Information 2020-2021 (Parks Victoria).


COVID-19 and Preparing for an Emergency
As per the Premier’s announcement on the 18th October 2020, property owners can apply for a Letter of Support to allow for travel to their property to undertake Fire/Flood Emergency Preparedness works.

Applications will be assessed by Council’s Emergency Response Team and a response will be issued as soon as possible.

The following conditions must be abided by when applying for your letter of support and throughout your travel:

  • Have read and abide by the restrictions during your travels as set out by the Chief Health Officer. Detailed instructions will be sent to you with your letter of support.
  • Abide by the location and dates of travel that are set within the Letter of Support (if you believe you will need additional time in excess of the allotted 72 hours, you will need to submit a separate application including the additional dates and times required (maximum 72 hours per application).
  • Only travel with a person or persons from your immediate household and ensure that this person is mentioned through your applications and Letter of Support.
  • Always have a copy of the Letter of Support with you when travelling outside the metropolitan Melbourne area.
  • Confirm that you have the capacity to stay overnight at your property during the works period. Current restrictions do not allow for metropolitan Melbourne residents to book accommodation in regional Victoria. If you are unable to stay on the property, you are required to complete all required work on one day and return to your primary place of residence.
  • Wear a face mask and keep 1.5m distance from any other occupant of the property whilst undertaking emergency preparedness works.
  • Ensure you have sufficient tools, equipment and supplies for the duration of your works. People travelling from metropolitan Melbourne must comply with the restrictions in place in metropolitan Melbourne and will not be able to visit local businesses to purchase supplies.

Please note there is no guarantee that a Letter of Support will be granted, and applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

To apply, please download the Application Form


Council’s role in an emergency
Ararat Rural City Council works in partnership with the community, responsible authorities and other relevant agencies and organisations to prevent and minimise the occurrence of emergencies and their impacts on the community.

Through this collaboration, Council has developed a municipal plan that details strategic actions that occur before, during and after an emergency. Municipal Emergency Management Planning, (MEMP)

For Prevention and management of an emergency, Ararat City Council will:

  • Prepare the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) which includes specific sub plans for fires, floods, storms, heatwaves and pandemics
  • Implement relevant local government legislation (eg. fire, health, building and planning)
  • Assess hazards and undertake appropriate preventative measures, like private property fire hazard inspections
  • Provide support to community resilience building programs
  • Work with other councils across the Grampians region to increase our capacity and capability to respond in an emergency