After an Emergency

After the immediate threat of an emergency, communities begin to move in to what is called recovery.  Recovery can last for a few weeks or years depending on the size of the emergency and the damage or threat it has caused. 

Ararat Rural City Council is responsible for working with our community to recover.  This can be complex and take time.  Recovery activities vary depending on the needs of the community but your services will generally fall in to one of the following categories;






Physical and emotional Health & Wellbeing of people, families and communities



Impacts on physical infrastructure & essential services and can include buildings, roads, bridges, access to power and water.

The direct and indirect impacts that an event has on business, primary producers and the broader economy.


The impact an emergency event has on the environment.

This includes air and water quality,  land degradation and contamination, plant and wildlife damage/loss, cultural and heritage sites



After an emergency, Council will usually hold a community information session to provide you with all the information you need to access the services you require in the short, medium and long term. 

For large emergencies funding may be received from the State Government to allow Council to designate a Recovery Officer to work with your community to ensure that investments made and services provided are based on what the community wants and needs.