Neighbourhood Safer Places

Neighbourhood Safer Places ‑ Places of Last Resort are identified buildings or spaces within the community that may afford some protection from radiant heat, which is the biggest killer during a bushfire. They are a place of last resort and should be used if your Bushfire Survival Plan fails and you have nowhere else to go.

They are not designed for all day relocation.  There will be few comforts and services available and they will offer only limited protection from smoke and embers.

NSPs-PLR are municipal council designated buildings or open spaces within the community that may afford some protection from flames and heat through a separation distance from the fire hazard (e.g. forest).

They are a place of last resort, in bushfire emergencies only, that may assist people when there is imminent threat of bushfire and they have no plan, or their planned options are not possible.

They are not locations to relocate to when leaving early.  On hot, dry, windy days, especially on Code Red Fire Danger Rating days,  leaving the area early before there is any chance of fire activity,including along your travel path, is always the safest option.

Please be aware of the following risks associated with NSPs-PLR:

  • Sheltering at an NSP-PLR does not guarantee your safety. An NSP-PLR may offer improved protection (e.g. a safer place) if caught in a fire but they cannot be considered as 'safe'.
  • Travelling to and using a place of last resort is dangerous and can lead to mental trauma, serious injury or death. Traffic congestion, poor visibility, fire activity, heavy smoke and accidents or fallen trees may block the route.
  • You are likely to experience extreme conditions such as; heat, high winds, fire noise, and exposure to flying embers and may experience breathing difficulties due to smoke and ash.
  • There is no guarantee that emergency services will be present.
  • There will be no provision for pets.
  • There will be no amenities (eg. food, drinks, toilets).
  • There will be no Council staff there.


The following Neighbourhood Safer Places ‑ Places of Last Resort, located within the Ararat Rural City have been identified and assessed by the CFA and comply with CFA guidelines:

Lake Bolac

Lake Bolac Information Centre carpark & footpath area. 2116 Glenelg Highway,  Lake Bolac 3351.


Moyston Recreation Reserve, Corner Moyston-Great western Road and Ararat-Halls Gap Road Moyston 3377.


Ararat Town Hall carpark surrounds, Corner Barkly Street and Vincent Street Ararat 3377


Willaura Memorial Hall (footpath & carpark in front) Main Street (opposite Commercial Street) Willaura 3379


Streatham Memorial Hall (footpath and forecourt in front) 30 Campbell Street (Glenelg Hwy) Streatham 3351


Elmhurst Mechanics Institute (footpath and forecourt in front), 34 High Street (Pyrenees Hwy) between Elmhurst –Glenpatrick Road and Degraves Street Elmhurst 3469.

To find out more, visit the CFA website