Community and Events Grants program

Community Support Grants provide funding to clubs, organisations and community groups for the provision of programs, projects, activities, and events that deliver outcomes for the benefit of Ararat Rural City 


    For your application to be eligible for consideration, you must adhere to the following:

    • Your application aligns with the details set out in the guidelines below
    • All sections of the online application are completed, you have attached your project plan and included all the necessary financial and insurance information
    • Your group or organisation has confirmed contributions to the project, either cash or in-kind contributions
    • Projects must be inclusive for people of all abilities
    • Event applications must demonstrate the event is at a suitably planned and accepted stage prior to submitting your application    
    How much can I apply for?

    Applications seeking funding under Sport and Recreation, Cultural and Arts and Environment and Sustainability categories may apply for up to $ 3000

    Events seeking seed or growth funding under the Festivals and Events category may apply for up to $5000

    All funds will be allocated to successful applicant on a two-for-one basis, meaning that Council will provide two dollars for each dollar contributed by the successful applicant

    What can be funded?

    Sports and Recreation, Health and Wellbeing
    Innovative or new projects that increase opportunities for participation in recreation and physical activity
    Projects that increase access to sport and recreation for all demographics (women, people with disabilities, juniors etc.) and that address inequity through free or low-cost programs are highly encouraged
    Culture and Arts    
    Community art projects that support the development of quality arts initiatives and or/increase involvement and access to arts and culture for the community
    Environment and Sustainability
    Projects or activities that protect or enhance the local environment or work towards improving sustainability
    Festivals and Events
    Seed funding: supports the development of new events that demonstrate a strong community focus
    Growth funding: supports existing events that demonstrate sustainability (financially and socially), have operated for more than three years, that provide significant benefits to the municipality and are able to provide post-event report from previous events to illustrate achieved outcomes and continuous improvement  

    What will not be considered for funding?

    The following will not be funded under the Council’s Community Grants Program:

    • Capital or major maintenance work on a building or facility;
    • General administration, wages or contracts, insurance premiums or debt payments;
    • Projects funded under other programs supported by Council;
    • Projects that have already commenced or events and activities that have already occurred;
    • Recurrent funding for ongoing projects or projects that have already been funded
    • Trade shows, conferences, teaching program/lecturers and guest speakers;
    • Events or activities that have a political or religious purpose, or that exclude or offend parts of the community;
    • Fundraising activities, prize money, trophy/medal production, awards, travel, accommodation and/ or catering
    Other important information

    Applicants seeking to undertake works on a building or property must ensure that:

    • The land owners consent is obtained if the applicant is not the land owner;
    • Confirmation of Council consent for properties that are owned or managed by Council;
    • Relevant planning and/or building approvals have been obtained (it is the responsibility of applicant to check and apply for any permits required)
    • Site plan, aerial map and structural designs must be provided for any proposed building projects)
    • Accessible

    Event approval, permits and licenses:
    All applicants may need to apply for specific approvals, permits and licenses to run their event. Applicants should discuss their project with the responsible agency eg: Council or a Victorian Government Department, prior to submitting their application.
    Successful applications will be made conditional upon obtaining regulatory approvals. Further conditions may be specified in your funding agreement documents, and failure to meet the conditions of funding will void the agreement.


    Payment process

    If your organisation is successful in receiving funding, payment will be made into your organisation’s nominated bank account once a signed name and address registration form is completed and all relevant documentation is received, including a tax invoice (adding GST to the grant amount, if your organisation is GST registered) and evidence of public liability insurance.

     If your project is being auspiced by another organisation, you need to submit the banking details of your auspice organisation and a valid tax invoice from the auspice organisation (adding GST to the grant amount, if the auspice organisation is GST registered).

    If an applicant does not have an ABN, it will be required to complete a ‘statement by a supplier’ form. The form will need to be submitted with the application as an attachment. Forms are available from the Australian Taxation Office or

    When and how to apply

    The Community Support Grant Program will be open for applications in March and October each year. It will be advertised through all media channels and directly with community clubs and groups.

    • All applications must be made by Council’s online grant system.
    • Online application forms are available from https://
    • It is a requirement that all applications are discussed with the relevant Council Officer prior to applying.

    Please contact Council’s Recreation and Community Development Officer on 5355 0200.


    Josie Frawley
    Executive Assistant to the CEO
    Telephone: 5355 0271

                                       Applications are now closed! 
                                               Our next round of Community Grants will be open in November