Local Law Permits

When is a Local Law Permit required?

Ararat Rural City Council has five different types of Local Law Permits for the public to apply for. They are:

  • Fires in the Open Air (GLL.26): in residential areas, owner/occupiers require a permit to light a fire on a property. This does not apply during fire restriction periods as no fire may be lit. To apply for a Fire Permit the owner/occupier must fill in an application form and pay a fee of $26.00. The permit is issued for 28 days but can be revoked if the permit conditions are not followed. The permit conditions are on the application form and will be explained at the time the permit is issued.
  • Placing of Signs, Goods and Eateries (GLL.71,76,77): this permit applies to business owners who want to place goods or signs on footpaths or roads. These permits expire on the 30th of September each year and must be renewed. The fee varies depending on the amount of signs or goods to be place on the footpath or road. To apply for this permit the business owner must fill in the application and pay the appropriate fee, and provide a current Certificate of Public Liability Insurance.
  • General Local Law Permit: for any other permits such as roadside trading, door knock collection etc.

Please contact the Local Laws team for more information at locallaws@ararat.vic.gov.au or 5355 0200.