Be Healthy

The conditions in which we live, learn, work and play have a big impact on our health.  At Ararat Rural City Council we are thinking about how to keep health, not just how to get it back.

We are all in this together!  Good health is not just the responsibility for health services but of our workplaces, our schools, our community and our leaders.

Council has the opportunity to influence the health of our people across all the environments for health in our every- day core business. 

A Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan describes the positive changes Council wants to bring to health and wellbeing in the community and what Council will do to make these changes.  

Council’s Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan 2013-17 has set the following priorities;

  • Healthy Eating and Oral Health Promotion
  • Increasing Physical activity
  • Improving Social Connection and Mental Health
  • Control of Tobacco Use

The Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan contains a range of actions that Council and our partners in prevention are undertaking to improve the overall health & wellbeing of our communities.

Some key priorities in Council's MPHWP that you can become involved in include;

  • Immunisation
  • Participate in social, cultural and community activities & programs
  • Use our free walking tracks, parks and spaces for leisure, activity and recreation
  • Increase your physical activity
  • Eat more  fruit & vegetables
  • Reduce tobacco use
  • Participate and promote a healthy lifestyle and social connection in your kinder, school, workplace or among friends.

If you want to make improvements to your health and wellbeing get involved in Ararat Active.

Leadership in Prevention

Ararat Rural City Council has partnered with organisations across the municipality to deliver on the actions in the Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan and to advocate for good health for all.  The Leadership Prevention Team is currently made up of the following agencies;

  • East Grampians Health Services
  • Grampians Community Health
  • Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership
  • Department of Education & Training
  • Department of Health & Human Services

The prevention leadership team promotes and supports the Achievement Program within schools and workplaces which are health promoting environments.

Other agencies, workplaces or schools wanting to get involved in the prevention leadership team are welcome to do so.