Get Involved

A connected community provides a happy and more vibrant community. Speak up and be involved!

Being connected can also assist with recovery from major events, to rebuild and get back to everyday life as quickly as possible.  

Council provides the opportunity for residents to be connected by ensuring that our work is:

  • Inclusive  –  meaningful participation  in information gathering, planning and decision making on outcomes that affect the community.  
  • Collaborative  -  working together to achieve outcomes, growing networks between people, encouraging different groups to work together and building relationships.
  • Capacity building  - support and strengthen individuals, families and communities to identify needs and develop solutions at a local level. 
  • Diverse -  Community services are accessible and available to everyone.   Council has a Community Access strategy to support this vision. The aim of our Community Access Strategy is to make our  community safe, supportive and full of opportunities for people of all ages, and backgrounds to live, work and participate.
  • Responsive –  Community requests are responded to efficiently and effectively.

We provide the opportunity for communities to connect with Council and each other by working alongside community groups to

  • develop plans
  • apply for grants,
  • develop networks & partnerships
  • reach goals through supported action

Contact our Community Development Team for further information.

Connect with Sporting Clubs and Community Activities

There are many ways to connect with your community;

  • Volunteering
  • Participating in community groups
  • Get involved and attend community events

Go to our Ararat Rural City Community Directory to see what sporting and community activities you can get involved in locally.