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Contractor Information

The purpose of this handbook is to outline Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements and expectations for contractors. It supports both Ararat Rural City (ARCC) and its contractors to meet their health and safety obligations, whilst working at Council owned or managed sites.

ARCC aims to provide a safe workplace for employees, contractors (their staff) and visitors to Council sites. An understanding of this handbook forms a part of the ARCC’s contractor prequalification.

Contractors are expected to adhere to this handbook and all referenced attachments. The expectations and requirements contained in this handbook refer to any goods, services or works carried out on behalf of ARCC, on Council owned or controlled properties and work sites.

The Council does not enforce its expectations or requirements on works carried out by the contractor for other customers.

Should you have any queries regarding this handbook or attachments please contact the Contract and Procurement Department on 03 5355 0200 or [email protected]

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