Roads and Vehicles

Road Maintenance

Council has a program of routine and response maintenance to ensure that road infrastructure is kept in a safe condition.

Road Maintenance Tasks

  • Pothole and edge repair patching of damaged sealed surfaces, and filling of potholes on gravel roads
  • Unsealed road and gravel shoulders grading and six monthly inspections
  • Repairs to broken up road surfaces and seal edges
  • Resurfacing of roads and car parks surfaces listing in the annual resurfacing program
  • Repair of damaged or faded signs and other road furniture including guard rails
  • Repairs to footpaths, kerbs and channel and damaged nature strips
  • Collection of roadside litter, and the cleaning of rubbish bins in parks and reserves
  • Line marking maintenance and renewal when found, or reported to be in poor condition
  • Cleaning of blocked underground drains and pits
  • Repairs to car park furniture
  • Repairs to drainage pits, underground drains, major culverts and bridges

Report an Issue

Report potholes, or make a grading or maintenance request here. 

To report an issue on a major road, please contact VicRoads.

Heavy Vehicles

Overdimension Overmass and Special Vehicles B Doubles and Performance Based Standards Vehicle Access on Local Roads

Vehicles carrying oversize or overmass loads, B Doubles, Performance Based Standard Vehicles and other specialised heavy vehicles require approval to travel on Ararat Rural City Council's local road network.

To apply for access, Council's local roads transport operators are advised to contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Road Management Plan

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to establish procedures and systems for the management of public roads. Council is a road authority under the Act. As such, it is responsible for carrying out the management functions on local roads i.e. all roads within the municipal area of Ararat Rural City Council, other than VicRoads highways. Details on which road is a Council road and which are VicRoads roads can be found via the below Roads Register, which lists all Council Roads. 

Under the Act, a road authority shall carry out its road management functions based on policy and operational objectives. The Act requires Council to set appropriate standards for the discharge of its road management duties based on available resources. It also requires Council to monitor its performance in delivering the functions.

Roads Register

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