Digital Literacy Program

Learn how to navigate the complicated and occasionally confusing world of digital technology with assistance from our Digital Literacy Outreach program – just bring your device along to our drop-in sessions or call Moya on (03) 5355 0232 to make an appointment. You can ask questions about anything to do with technology. 

Our 2024 sessions will be starting soon! 

We are here to help with things like:

Internet safety

  • how to identify and avoid scams online
  • how to protect your data and your information from data breaches
  • what to do if you have been caught in a data breach
  • setting your Facebook security so that you only share photos with those you choose
  • whether your antivirus software is right for you

Internet basics

  • what is “the cloud” and how to use it
  • what do all these buzzwords actually mean anyway
  • what is the difference between WiFi and data
  • how to use a search engine
  • how to send an email

Smartphones, tablets, and other devices

  • what’s the difference between a tap, swipe, scroll, or long tap?
  • how to make text bigger on your phone so you can see it
  • what is flight mode and how and why do you turn it on or off?
  • how to send a text message or an email
  • what all those pop-ups want you to do and how to make them stop

And anything else.  Filling out forms and government requirements online is a staple of modern life. We want to help you do it safely and confidently.

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