Ararat celebrates Harmony Week

Coinciding with Harmony Weeks, residents are encouraged celebrate our diverse community and learn more about the New Settlement Program by attending a Morning Tea held at Holy Trinity Hall on March 26.

Ararat Rural City Mayor Jo Armstrong said it is important that we recognise Harmony Week, a week that embraces and celebrates the diverse fabric that makes up our nation, which ultimately strengthens the way we live together.

“As a rural community, we strive to create inclusion, respect, and be a place where everyone belongs regardless of where a person was born or raised,” Cr Armstrong said.

“Council is working closely together with community groups and organisations to ensure diversity and equity becomes part of our everyday reality.

“In addition, Ararat Rural City is part of the ‘Welcoming City’ network, which embraces and supports newly arrived residents.

“Welcoming is not just the right thing to do; it’s an opportunity to connect, learn from one another, and support each other to fully unlock the region’s potential for our communities.”

To mark Harmony Week, Sunday’s ‘Trinity Talk’ will focus on the New Settlement Program, where Council will share about the intention of the New Settlement program, and Karen community members will discuss their settlement experience. The session also provides an opportunity for residents to explore how they can engage and provide support to our new settlers at a community level over a cup of tea.

Father Martin Nadarajan hopes to inspire a series of monthly ‘talks’ to promote inclusive conversation and offer a welcoming space for all to gather.

Trinity Talks are focused on our Community – where we’ll explore various topics that impact the community from mental health to supporting those living with disability and any topics that we may want to discuss but unable to do so either because we don’t have the expertise or just unsure how to start such conversations. We endeavour to provide a space and a non-judgemental space for honest conversations to take place,” Father Martin said.

“Although we are a place of worship, we are very much a part of the community and I want people to know that we’re here to support each and every person, irrespective of spiritual beliefs or how they feel about Church.”

“As part of celebrating Harmony week, the Morning Tea invitation is to embrace and explore how we can engage with our new settlers at a community level to support their journey in making Ararat Rural City their home,” he continued.

“Everyone is welcomed to join, and I hope to see some new faces this Sunday to celebrate and welcome Ararat’s growing community.”

Working in partnership with Wyndham Community and Education Centre (WCEC) and the Workforce Pilot and New Settlement Program is funded through Regional Development Victoria. For more information on the New Settlement Program, please contact Ararat Rural City Council Project Co-ordinator Koyeh Talor on (03) 5355 0200.

The New Settlement Program Morning Tea hosted by Anglican Church Ararat will be held at Holy Trinity Hall on 26 March from 10.45am to 12pm. If you do have any further topics for the Trinity Talks sessions that you would like to discuss and bring forward, please contact Fr Martin at 03 5352 1109 or drop him an email at [email protected] .

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