Ararat celebrates Welcoming Week

The Ararat community came together for a special Welcoming Week barbecue at Alexandra Gardens, with people bringing a plate to share that reminds them of home.

This year, Ararat Rural City Council joins the Welcoming Australia network in celebrating Welcoming Week, reaffirming its commitment to providing a genuine embrace to its newest residents.

Ararat Rural City Mayor Jo Armstrong commented on fostering connections and embracing cultural richness among community members. “Welcoming Week is a time when our community comes together to celebrate our shared values of inclusion, acceptance and unity,” Cr Armstrong said.

"This was a wonderful opportunity for residents to learn from one another, build connections, and strengthen the bonds that make our rural city a welcoming place to call home."

“Diversity is one of our greatest strengths – migrants play an integral role in our region’s economic growth and prosperity,” she continued.

“Whether your family has been here for many generations or has recently joined our municipality, we can all celebrate the benefits of an inclusive and welcoming community.”

Welcoming Week is hosted by the Ararat Rural City Council Workforce Pilot Program in partnership with Ararat Neighbourhood House, Rural Australia for Refugees, Welcoming Australia and Lions Australia – Ararat branch.

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