Ararat Rural Harmony Day 2024 - Celebrating Diversity and Unity

Ararat Rural City Council in collaboration with Rural Australians for Refugees invite you to come and celebrate Rural Harmony Day on Saturday, March 16 at Ararat College commencing at 10:00 am and concluding at 1:00 pm. The day will be filled with many mesmerizing performances, delectable cuisines, and engaging activities, showcasing the rich tapestry of cultures within the community in a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity during the annual Ararat Harmony Day event.


The event features an array of captivating performances by diverse groups, including AME Systems' dynamic Fijian, Tongan, and Samoan dancers and singers, the rhythmic Solomon Island presentations by Ararat Meatworks, and the enchanting Burmese dancers. Ararat Community Church Choir and the Wyndham Chin community adding a melodious touch to the event.


The stage will come alive with the vibrant Wing-it Band from Wyndham, whose performance will get the audience grooving. The Karen Don Dance group and traditional instrumental performances from the Wyndham Karen community will display the cultural richness of the Karen people.


Mixing things up a little will be the unique Harp and Buffalo Horn instrument performances from Wyndham, showcasing the variety and uniqueness of cultural expressions. There is something for the entire family with a range of activities, such as volleyball adding a family-friendly dimension to the celebration.


Culinary delights will be on offer, with a diverse array of cuisines allowing attendees to savour flavours from around the world. The event not only celebrates diversity but also fosters unity, bringing the community together in a harmonious celebration of differences.


“Ararat Harmony Day 2024 is an opportunity for the community to embrace and appreciate the multitude of cultures that contribute to the diversity of Ararat's identity as it stands today. We invite you to come along and enjoy the performances, share in different cuisines and the aromas, as it is a day that resonates with the spirit of unity and respect for all our residents today and into the future”. Proudly remarked CEO, Dr Tim Harrison and we hope to see as many people as possible join us to celebrate this wonderful day.

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