Transfer Station Fees and Charges


Materials Cost (GST included)
Airconditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers
(degassed only)
Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Steel, Scrap metals Free
Batteries (lead acid vehicle batteries) Free
Chemical containers (drumMUSTER) triple rinse or pressure wash, dry, no lids


Oil (waste automotive oil, domestic quantities only) maximum 20 litres $5
Other Recyclables (mixed/commingled - 240L bin or max 3m3)
cans, cardboard, glass bottles, drink cartons, paper, milk containers, plastics numbered 1-7
$5 - $10
Building or Commercial Waste (per m3) maximum load 3m $50
Concrete/Bricks (uncontaminated - per m3) maximum load 3m
Ararat only
e-Waste - minimum charge
Ararat and Lake Bolac only
Photocopiers $25
Gas Bottles $5
General Waste (Household/domestic and contaminated green waste)  
120 litre bin $5
240 litre bin $8
Car boot load $15
Single axle trailer/utility $20
Tandem axle trailer $30
Truck load (per m3) $20
Single mattress or smaller $20
Double, Queen or King 25
Tyres (not taken in commercial quantities)
additional $3 if on rim
Motorcycle $6
Cars $12
Light truck $20
Heavy truck $35
Super single $50
Small tractor/grader (up to 1m diameter) $85
Large machinery (more than 1m diameter) $170
Earth movers
obtain price from site staff - dependant on tyre size


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