Council Plan

Council at its meeting held on Thursday 29 June 2021 adopted its Council Plan 2021-2025.

Council's commitment to working in partnership with its community was reflected in the community engagement process undertaken to prepare the Council Plan 2021-2025.

During June 2021 a series of community engagement sessions were held in Tatyoon, Lake Bolac, Elmhurst and Ararat.

The Council Plan highlights six key strategic objectives:

1 - Growing our place

2 - Building robust local economies

3 - Preserving the environment

4 - Developing and maintaining key enabling infrastructure

5 - Enhancing community life; and

6 - Strong and effective governance

The Council Plan includes the actions related to each of the strategic objectives and further identifies the measures of success.  These measures will form an annual action plan that the Chief Executive Officer and staff will implement. 

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