Calculating Rates

General rates are calculated using the valuation of your property and the rating differential rate in the dollar. All properties are valued annually by independent professional valuers appointed by the Valuer-General Victoria.

The Ararat Rural City Council calculates your rates by multiplying two figures - your property’s Capital Improved Value (CIV) and the rate in the dollar amount declared during the budget process.

For example, if you own a residential property in Ararat, with a CIV of $250,000 in 2023/24, your amount payable would be calculated as follows:

General Rate (Residential $250,000 x 0.3508 $877.00
Municipal Charge 1 x $96.00 $96.00
Fire Services Property Levy (Residential) ($250,000 x 0.000046) + $125.00 $136.50
Waste Services (4 Bin System) 1 x $462.00 $462.00
Less Pension Concession (if eligible)    
  TOTAL DUE $1,572.50


General Rates

The formula for calculating General Rates is: 

Valuation (Capital Improved Value) x Rate in the Dollar (Differential Rate Type)

The rate in the dollar for each rating differential category is included in Council’s annual budget. It is Council’s key for building a rating model that shares our rating burden fairly between the four rating sectors.

 The rate in the dollar for each rating differential for 2023/24 is outlined in the following table: 

Rate Differential Rate in the Dollar
General 0.3508
Commercial 0.5052
Industrial 0.5052
Farm 0.1333










Important Information
Municipal Charges

 A Municipal Charge is a flat charge that can be used to offset some of the Council’s administrative costs.

The Municipal Charge for the 2023/2024 rating year is $96.00

Fire Services Property Levy

Property owners pay an annual levy via council rates to support emergency services.

The Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) is collected by local councils on behalf of the Victorian Government and appears on your rate notice.

This charge is set by the Victorian Government and is not subject to the rate cap. The money is passed along to the State Revenue Office quarterly.

For more information on the Fire Services Property levy and how the levy is calculated, click here.

Fire Services Property Levy Rebate

Property owners receiving the Municipal Rates Concession will automatically receive a concession of $50 on their Fire Services Property Levy.

For further information on Municipal Rates Concessions, please visit the Department of Families Fairness & Housing website.

Waste Services

All households within the Ararat Rural City Council are now required to have a 3 bin or 4 bin waste steam (depending on the size of the property) as required by the State Government reforms, from October 2022.

The new waste services are compulsory for all properties with a residence in both urban and rural areas.

Houses with land under 5 hectares require the four-bin system (waste, comingled recycling, glass and organics).

Houses with land over 5 hectares require the three-bin system (waste, comingled recycling and glass).

The annual waste service charges for residential properties for 2023/24 are as follows:  

  • Four (4) Bin System:               $462.00          
  • Three (3) Bin System:             $410.00

Our waste services and collection frequencies consist of the following:

  • Waste               (Red)              Weekly on your nominated day
  • Recycling        (Yellow)            Fortnightly on your nominated day
  • Organics         (Green)            Alternate fortnight on your nominated day
  • Glass               (Purple)           Every four (4) weeks on your nominated day

Commercial, Industrial and Non-Rateable properties will need to complete a form to opt in to any of these services. These charges will be invoiced out to the applicant on a pro-rata basis. Click here to download the form

Residential properties can opt in to additional services, completing an Additional Residential Services Form

Pensioner Concessions

Ratepayers with eligible concession cards can claim a pensioner concession on their Council rates for their principal residence. Only one concession applies per property per year.


To be eligible for a pension concession, a ratepayer must live at the property and hold one of the following eligible cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card (given for TPI, War Widow, EDA or POW)

Please note: Health Care Cards are not eligible to claim this rebate.

How much is the concession?

It is 50% deduction on council rates up to a yearly maximum of $253.20 for 2023–24.

How do I apply for the concession?

  • Pensioners and holders of Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards given for TPI or War Widow:

Present your current eligible pension card and complete an Application Form at our Municipal Offices - 59 Vincent Street, Ararat. 

Or download the application form here and forward to us with a copy of your eligible pension card for verification purposes, by emailing [email protected]

We will verify your eligibility with Centrelink then apply the concession to your property.

  • Holders of Veterans' Affairs Gold Cards given for EDA or POW:

Phone the Concessions information line on 1800 658 521 (toll free) for an application form or download here. Complete the form and send it to the Department of Families Fairness & Housing at the address listed on the form.

The Department of Families Fairness & Housing will check your concession card details with Centrelink and provide the concession as a rebate.

Single Farm Enterprise Exemptions

You can apply for an exemption if you own or occupy multiple parcels of farmland which are used for a single farm enterprise.

Eligible single farm enterprises may only need to pay the fixed charge of the Fire Services Property Levy and the Municipal Charge once for the farm property. If you think you are eligible, please complete a Single Farm Exemption Application Form.

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