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City & Rural Kerbside Rubbish Collection

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We're standardising household waste and recycling services across our municipality!

The Revolution Ararat Program is Council’s commitment to reducing the amount of waste delivered to landfill by introducing a new residential waste collection that separates waste, recycling, organics, and glass, as part of Victoria’s waste reform.

All households moved to a 3 bin or 4-bin waste stream (depending on the size of the property) as required by State Government reforms.

This means your food and garden waste will now go into your green-lid bin which will be turned into nutritious compost at Council's transfer station.

A separate glass service will be carried out every four weeks. Pop your glass bottles and jars into the purple-lid bin (glass-only waste).

Think of your landfill waste bin as your last resort in waste sorting, used only for the things you can’t avoid, reuse, or recycle. We're getting on with rolling out the new three or four-stream recycling system, keeping glass and other valuable resources out of landfill and recycling them into new products.

Rural Collections

For residents who have previously received a waste service, please leave your bins where they were being picked up.

If are new to the waste management service and you are on an all-weather road (sealed or unsealed), bins may be placed on the edge of the road with enough room for trucks to pick your bin up.

If your bin is on the wrong side of the road, we will place your bin on the correct side of the road that's easiest for our crew to pick up. For some residents it is advisable to take your bin to the nearest all weather road (sealed or unsealed).

If your bin/s have not been picked up by the end of the week please contact the Customer Service Centre on (03) 5355 0200.

Rural Collection Days 2024

Got an issue with one of your bins?

If your bin hasn't been emptied or if you have an issue with any of your bins, lodge a request here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are the new services compulsory?

The new waste services are compulsory for all properties with a residence in both urban and rural areas.

Houses with land under 5 hectares will receive the new four bin system (waste, comingled recycling, glass and organics).

Houses with land over 5 hectares will receive the new three bin system (waste, comingled recycling and glass).

Why is Council introducing this new service?

By 2030, all Victorian households will be using the same waste and recycling systems and separating their waste and recycling into four streams, being organics, glass recycling, comingled recycling and general rubbish, enabling greater recovery and recycling to occur

What are the charges for the new residential waste collection?

The annual charges that will be applied to your rates notice for residential properties are as follows:

  • Four (4) bin system: $462
  • Three (3) bin system: $404

This is the same charge as for the previous financial years collection service.

How often will the bins be collected?
  • Waste (Red) - Weekly on your nominated day
  • Recycling (Yellow) - Fortnightly on your nominated day
  • Organics (Green) - Alternate fortnight on your nominated day
  • Glass (Purple) - Every four (4) weeks on your nominated day
Where can I find information on what goes in each bin?

Council's website will be updated with all this new information. Also, a booklet detailing the collections and what can and cannot be put into bins will be sent out to all residential properties.

How to put your bins out?

Place your bin out the night before your nominated collection day and bring them in when they have been emptied. 

Bins should be placed on the kerb, close to the road.

Space bins about a meter apart with handles facing your home.

Make sure the lids are closed to prevent litter.

Are the new services compulsory for Commercial, Industrial and Non-rateable properties?

No - all commercial, industrial, and non-rateable properties will need to complete a form from the Customer Services department to opt into the services.

These charges will be invoiced out to the applicant on a pro-rata basis.

Why do I need a separate glass bin?

Broken glass makes other recyclable items such as cardboard, paper and plastic harder to recycle. By putting your glass bottles and jars in a separate bin, we can make sure we can recycle everything that we collect.

Why do I need a separate organics bin?

Food and green-waste thrown into your general waste bin (red lid) goes directly into landfill. These organics create greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. 

Sorting your kitchen scraps and garden waste into your new green lid bin means less goes into landfill. Instead this waste is turned into mulch and compost, helping conserve valuable resources and minimising, greenhouse gasses. 

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