Transfer Stations

Ararat Rural City Council have six Resource Recovery Centres across the municipality, which receive waste loads up to three cubic metres of green waste and recycling. Loads greater than three cubic metres should be taken directly to the Grampians Regional Landfill site at Pomonal Road, Stawell.

The Regional Landfill is operated by Cleanaway and is open for larger loads between 8.30am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

All Ararat transfer stations will be closed on public holidays.

What can I take to the Transfer Station?

  • Green waste – Collected in the form of tree residue, clippings and prunings’ can be delivered to transfer stations throughout the municipality, all we ask is that the material be free from contamination, that is pots, wire and plastic bags etc. 
  • Timber – Waste timber, is collected at Ararat transfer station where we shred the material for it to be used as mulch, but we ask that you separate clean timber from material that is Copper, Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treated timber or old timber painted with lead paint as this will go straight to landfill
  • Scrap Metal – You can take Scrap steel, aluminium, brass, copper and steel to all transfer stations across the municipality for FREE. We on-sell this material to an external company for recycling.
  • Gas Bottles
  • Concrete – We no longer accept concrete. Concrete can be delivered to local concrete crushing contractors.
  • Household chemicals can be taken to the annual mobile Detox your Home centre at Ararat transfer station held in May each year.
  • A permanent Drop-off facility for household batteries, fluorescent lamps and paint can be disposed of free of charge at the Ararat transfer station throughout the year.
  • Farm chemical containers – With the exception of Moyston, all Transfer Stations throughout the municipality receive “Drummuster” farm chemical containers, provided they are properly rinsed.  Large quantities are best made by a prior appointment.
  • Electronic waste – Did you know that e-waste is ‘Anything you can plug in?’ so that means TVs, computers and associated devices and attachments, cords, printers, screens, DVDs, kettles, irons, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fans, radios, speakers, sewing machines, drills, saws, power tools, electronic toys, , hand held video consoles and automatic dispensers. These items can be taken to either Ararat or Lake Bolac transfer stations. Our items are sent for recycling at Axis Worx, Disability Employment Services, Horsham
  • Tyres – Non-commercial quantities of tyres are received at all Council transfer stations. 
  • Waste oil – Non-commercial quantities of waste oil is received at all Council Transfer Stations.

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